After tackling the basics of why you should be using email marketing in my last article, I thought you might benefit from understanding what I can do specifically for you and your business. There are two reasons why you may want to continue reading this article: 1.) You are finding yourself reading “Email Marketing for Dummies” and still don’t understand anything or 2.) You’re like most people in a small-business and just don’t have the time. And of course, you may be a combination of both. No worries, that’s what I’m here for.

First things first – I strongly recommend using Constant Contact as a way to capture email addresses, manage lists and sending the email messages to your contacts. After spending a lot of time researching other management services, I’ve decided to partner up with them because they are the most user-friendly, especially when it comes to list-management. You may be asking yourself, why not just send out all my communications from my own computer or my gmail account. If you would rather keep up with the opt-ins, opt-outs, and CAN-SPAM acts, then I’m not going to stop you.


I can help you narrow down your strategy by listing goals and helping you figure out the path to reach your goals with email marketing. We can take the time to discuss what you would like to achieve with your email marketing campaign and go from there. We would need to create a clear articulation of your brand, products, services, and audience to maximize your business’s results.


Depending on your budget, we can design an awesome eye-catching custom template or we can use a pre-designed template. It has become a science to create the best ratio between the graphics and the text in your email campaigns. Together, we can make sure we reach your audience with campaigns that bring in the best results.

Campaign Management

Creating email content, finding photos and managing contacts can all be complicated and time consuming. This is where I can come in to help. I can help identify the best process in finding new elements or taking the whole email coding and design process over completely. This is what I do on a regular basis for my email marketing customers.


Let’s face it, you’re probably getting more legitimate emails now than a few years ago. You also have illegitimate emails being sent (i.e., SPAM, Phishing and other abuse emails) every day. We need to focus on making sure readers not only read your email but that it is delivered to their inbox as well. With ISP spam legislation continuously changing, it can more than difficult to make sure your emails are being delivered. That’s where I come in by making sure the email database client you’re using is top of the line.

Still Have More Questions?

Let me know. My prices are reasonable, and we can set something up like an email campaign once a month or once a quarter. Or, if you’re still on the fence, possibly having more questions, we can set up a free consultation. Just contact me.